October 31, 2008

Varsity Jacket from Futura Laboratories

We have seen some very cool comings from Futura Laboratories, and here is another. FL has decided on releasing their own varsity jacket which combines elements that have become iconic symbols of Futura. In this jacket, we see the normal sleeves which are comprised of leather while wool is used on the front. Futura's tag and Pointman occupy the chest while the back contains further patches. This jacket is now available at FL SHOP.

PHANTACi x Nike Air Max 1 “The Grand”

Together, PHANTACi and Nike have designed a commemorative pack featuring both a leather jacket and an Air Max 1. "The Grand" is the name of this pack and as can be told, the inspiration came from grand pianos and includes hints of ivory keys linked to the use of black and the PHANTACi store color pink as well. The insole holds a piano key print. The leather jacket features Tech-Pack-esque innovation with waterproof zippers. These aren't available as of yet, but perhaps in the near future. We'll keep you informed.

October 28, 2008

KAWS' Family Guy Art

Artist KAWS has released many different re-appropriations of iconic cartoons such as the Smurfs and SpongeBob. One that has yet to be released is a private piece done for Pharrell Williams. Upon showing off his new Brooklyn Machine Works fixed gear, this piece can be seen in the background. Is this a future unveiling perhaps?

enjoi Skateboards x Emerica Jerry Hsu Sneaker

Here is a new design from top pro Jerry Hsu, who hooked up with Emerica family earlier this year. These shoes feature his signature along with an enjoi twist. This new colorway in the Hsu pro model features enjoi's signature panda along the collar and insoles. This subtle design adds a very nice touch to the sneaker which is now available at select Emerica retailers, found Here.

Takashi Murakami x Hiroshi Fujiwara “Hi & Lo” Visvim Kiefer & Tees

Here you can see a special product which will be marketed for the Hi & Lo event. Takashi Murakami features his signature flower print artwork on a pair of Visvim's Kiefer Hi co-branded with Hiroshi Fujiwara's fragment design. Together they designed some awesome shoes as well as some tees. This collection is supposed to be released at KaiKai Kiki during the opening of the "Hi & Lo" exhibition on October 31st.

Upper Playground Sock Series

No look is complete until you have everything covered. To help with this, Upper Playground has just released a series of socks with an offering from each of their four signature lines. To blend in, use the black Estevan Oriol sock or stand out with the Walrus logo sock. Sam Flores and Jeremy Fish also make their presence seen in this project. All socks go for $16 and can be found at their retail stores and Online.

The Hundreds Footware - The Johnson Mid-Top

Here is The Hundreds Footware's debut project, which will be landing in select The Hundred accounts this week and instore of The Hundred LA and The Hundreds San Fransisco this Thursday at 11am. The inspiration behind the Johnson is an amalgamation of 4-centric lifestyle shoes, from all ends of the subculture spectrum . They come in a construction of suede and nubuck leathers, with a JAGS-embossed gumsole, as well as vulcanized sole for your comfort. Along with accented silver top lace-holes and tonal foxing, these shoes are classic and simplistic.

October 26, 2008

Bape 2008 Fall/Winter Collection - October Release

Depending on where you live, the Fall and Winter seasons can get pretty harsh. To combat the cold, this weekend Bape has released some heavier items to keep you warm. These new items consist of jackets, vests, knitwear, blazer jackets, a pair of Long John's, and some beanies. These are now available at the Bape stores in Japan.

Comme des Garcons x H&M Website

For those of you who have heard of the highly anticipated H&M collection by Comme des Garcons, you can now check out the H&M website for all their collection pieces. On the website you will find all the pieces listed along with their prices. It's only time before these lines will be up worldwide. The collection hits November 13th, so be sure to keep a check-up on this.

Champate Black Soldier 3.0 & Releases

On November 7th, Champate will release their Black Soldier 3.0. These sneakers are the 3rd issue and come in two different styles. This is a very limited release as only 6 pairs are available. Each pair goes for $329 and will be available soon.

Also in this release is the Black Soldier Hoodie which is completely handmade. There have only been exclusive showings so far of it and you must sign the Champate Newsletter to get a sneak peak. What I can tell you though is the hoodie is HOT and is a definite must-have. There are also a variety of tees in this drop. Head over to the Champate Site to see all the releases.

October 24, 2008

APPLEBUM - Cork Collection

APPLEBUM has become somewhat of a specialist when it comes to the utilization of dye sublimation, a fabric print process with the ability to create uncanny, photo-realistic patterns. APPLEBUM has been known for its "sneaker boxes" design focus but now has launched a line of cork wood-like apparel and accessories for its Fall/Winter '08 Collection. The APPLEBUM x New Era 59FIFTY fitted cap seen above is from this line. Other products in this collection include a belt, a backpack, and a down vest. All are sublimated with cork tree graphics and are constructed out of a water-resistant polyester/polyurethane exterior.

Most of this collection is now available at APPLEBUM retailers like Reed Space of New York and APPLEBUM's official online store.

Nike Air Force 1 x Busy P - Coming to NSW NY & LA

The Nike Air Force 1 x Busy P collaboration has been seen before but it was only released in Paris. But Now, The Busy P Air Force 1 is coming to Nike Sportswear stores in New York and Los Angelels. The Busy P Air Force 1 uses an array of colors through out the sneakers which reminds us a bit of the Playstation Air Force 1’s. With a good amount of writing all over the shoe, this shoe is sure to have a hidden meaning to a number of degrees. In New York, release will be on October 30th at 4pm and in LA release will be on October 31st at 5pm.

October 23, 2008

New Accessories from 12 Grain

Sam Flores' line, 12 Grain, just released a series of accessories that actually may come in handy. The traveler bag is made of a canvas with two interior pockets and Sam's lowrider graphic embroidered into the side. The canvas tote bag is screen printed with Sam's "Umbrella Girl" design and has an intricate violet interior lining. The leather wallet features Sam's signature face desin repeated outside and over the six interior pockets. All of these accessories are available at the Upper Playground retail stores and on their Online Site.

Shrink Boutique T-Shirt Design Contest

Thanks to a heads up from a friend, we can share with you a really cool t-shirt contest brought to us by Shrink Boutique. So if you believe that you have what it takes, send your tee designs to Shrink Boutique's T-Shirt Design Contest. The shirt has to encompass their style, aesthetic, name, or logo. The winner will have their design produced and sold by Shrink Boutique as well as some cash to show for their efforts. You can head over to their Site for all the details and find out how to get your design on.

Alias Society

Art, life, image, and style. This is what Alias Society is all about. A clothing label geared toward the uncharted lands of fashion. With the production of each design, they have been able to combine all of their ideas and imagination together into a piece of art. After only a year and a half of operation, Alias Society reached from their front steps all the way to Japan, which is a testament to how success comes to those who work for it.

Drawing inspiration from all aspects of life, everything from politics to music to skating to day to day life style, they give their fans 100% creativity in their designs. They bring that something that we all have searched for but never found. Well, now we have found this in Alias Society. They keep it simple and underground to keep it exclusive and limited.

Head over to their Site and check them out. I'm sure you'll find what you've been looking for all along.

October 22, 2008

OriginalFake x CLOT Tee Preview

OriginalFake will team up with Hong Kong's marquee label CLOT to produce a collaborative tee. Here you can see the initial preview which features the shirt. Keep an eye out for a full look at the co-branded project.

DTA x Chocolate Crocodile x Estate LA Fitted Cap

In November, the Clandestine Rabbit x Chocolate Crocodile "Day of the Dead" art show will take place. In anticipation of that show, Rogue Status' DTA, Chocolate Crocodile, and Estate LA have teamed up together to create the fitted cap seen above. This simple black design features extensive embroidered throughout the front and back, as well as the sides. The hat will release on November 1st.

As for the art show, here are the details:

Clandestine Rabbit x Chocolate Crocodile “Day of the Dead” Art Show
November 1st, 2008
Hours: 8:00 pm - 12:00 am
18400 Ventura Blvd.
Tarzana, CA 91356

Urban Go Green

A friend of ours from TripWolf introduced us to Urban Go Green, so we thought we'd pass it along to you all. UrbanGoGreen helps you connect to people, companies, jobs, products and services in urban green culture. When you join their community, invite your friends, subscribe to their magazine and attend their events you lend your voice to a growing number of individuals and companies who are working to reduce the carbon footprint, promote the green economy and meet the threat of climate change.

You can head over and find out what it's all about on their

10. Deep Fall '08 Delivery 2

In a time where the US isn't in the best of shape, and some believe a very dramatic decline is in the near future, 10.deep brought these ideas of the future into the fashion world. As the American public is preparing for what 10.deep describes as the impending Armageddon, this label has been designing some interesting interpretations of the future.

Here is the Delivery 2 of the 10.deep Fall/Winter collection entitled " I Vs. I". The product offering features of their characteristically foreboding graphic tees, as well as utilitarian cut-and-sew garments such as the Duck and Cover Jacket and World War Seven Reversible Vest to protect you from the cold ends of change approaching over the post apocalyptic horizon.

The "I Vs. I" Collection will be in stores October 24th. Check your local 10.Deep retailer and 10deep.com for more info.

You can check out the rest of the collection HERE.

October 20, 2008

A Bathing Ape Metallic Gold & Silver Bapesta88

These hot flashy metallic Bapesta88's are fresh from A Bathing Ape's 2008 Fall/Winter collection. They have a futuristic look to them and comes in both gold and metallic silver colorways. For those following the Bape releases, these are a must-have item.

Nike Waterproof Air Force 1

In most parts of the country, winter means wet attire. As a tradition of Nike continues, here you can see another Waterproof low top being released. This shoe features an olive green exterior alongside gum midsole/soles. These are simple, yet classy and are a great addition to any outfit this winter.

You can get them at Proper starting this Saturday, the 25th, so go check them out.

Chanel Mobile Art Tour - New York Opening

Chanel's mobile art pavilion stops today in Central Park as it continues its widely anticipated tour. Designed by Zaha Hadid, the structure was engineered to reflect a traditional quilted Chanel bag. With features of over 20 artists from near and far, many design types are showcased. This show is definitely something to check out. For further information on this tour, head over to the Official Website.

October 19, 2008

Nike “Hajime Tachibana” Air Force 1 Hi Supreme

Hajime Tachibana, once the guitarist of the Japanese New Wave / Electro Pop band, The Plastics, will be having a sneaker by dedicated to the musician from Nike. This Nike “Hajime Tachibana” Air Force 1 Hi Supreme will come in different tones of white leather and suede completed with a icy clear sole. The sneakers won’t come at a cheap price though as they retail for 35,000 Yen.

Source: Sneakerstore

UNDFTD - Peace Tee

New from UNDFTD is their "Peace Tee". Available in three colourways (black, white, and aqua), this tee features the words "Undefeated" and "Peace" which is screenprinted across the shirt's front in a script font. These tees are now available at all UNDFTD US Chapter stores as well as the UNDFTD e-store.

The Hundreds Soft Adam New Era 59Fifty Fitted Caps

The Hundreds releases some new SOFT ADAM New Era 59Fifty Caps which are designed from lightweight foam padding. These caps come in four colours, so if you are a fan of the Adam Bomb character, you can get yours at The Hundreds retailers including their LA store and their SF location.

October 18, 2008

KICKS/HI Fall 2008 |First Drop

Here is the first drop from the KICKS/HI Fall 2008 collection. Being from Hawaii, this brand brings in some island-like themes to the designs such as the bright Hawaiian graphics and hat patterns. This release features tees and caps, which should be released later this month at KICK/HI and Chicago's Saint Alfred.

Dangerously Beautiful | Season One

Women like to look fabulous and feel strong with their attire. Giving just this to their customers, Dangerously Beautiful provides clothing for the intelligent, bold, and creative woman. In a world that throws ridiculously barbie-like-ideals at women, Dangerously Beautiful aims to infuse independence, esteem, and style into their designs.

Here you can see some of their pieces from season one. Head over to their Store and get some of your own season one collection pieces. We'll keep you updates as we hear more of their upcoming releases.

October 17, 2008

KAWS Exhibition at the Gering & López Gallery

In early November, KAWS' latest gallery show will be presented in New York following an exhibition in Miami. A preview into the show features one of the exhibition's showcases, Peril, a 68 x 86 inch acrylic on canvas. The exhibition will take place at Gering & López Gallery and will open on November 6th. The opening reception, which will be free to the public, will occur between 6 pm - 8 pm. The show will last until December 23rd, so you have some time to check it out. If you are there, head over and have a look.

KAWS Exhibition at the Gering & López Gallery
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday | 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
730 Fifth Avenue
Between 56th and 57th Streets
New York, NY 10019
phone: 646.336.7183

Futura Laboratories 2008 Fall/Winter Collection Newest Releases

There are often times some very interesting and cryptic pieces that come from Futura Laboratories. In these October releases, you can see a subtle hint to Futura's FLOM pattern on a box-logo tee. These are all now available at Haven.