July 31, 2008

Resist : Things Nightmares Are Made Of

Resist is a Florida-based collective that sells clothing, bags, and wallets designed with interestingly bizarre art that resembles those half-awake nightmares that haunt us. Their tees, polos, and messenger bags give messages like the Bureaucrat (creepy faceless suited dude), mutated animals like the Octophant (elephant/octopus), and the King Rhino (with a crown on his back and a boombox in his torso), as well as well-dressed freaky creatures. The handmade bi-fold wallets are screenprinted with designs like the words "BIG MONEY" laid over a skyscraper backdrop, random airplane schematics, and internal organ sketches.

Keeping in line with Resist's vision of the world being the stuff of nightmares should be there when you sleep, they have created throw pillows with the creepy things from your nightmares on them.

Go check out the Octophant and all the rest on their SITE

'47 Retro Store

Dedham-based, '47, is a classic space that sells high quality retro-style sports hoodies and tees which are all handmade in Peru using 100% Pima Cotton. The store has loads of Boston-based college and pro offerings, including tees with the 1950s-era Red Sox logo, Bruins, old-school Celts, BC shirts, and even a Northeastern hoodie with a vintage Huskies logo. They also carry an eclectic mix of teams from places other than Boston such as Bo Jackson-era Auburn action, North Dakota Fighting Sioux hoodies, and '67 Denver tee.

You can also get hand-embroidered Sox hats with new styles in a very limited edition.

Upcoming Complex With N.E.R.D and Lupe Fiasco

highsnobiety - Complex Magazine - N.E.R.D./Lupe Fiasco/Kaws On The Cover

The upcoming issue of Complex will feature N.E.R.D and Lupe Fiasco with the background being Kaws artwork. This is a definite must see, so don't miss out on this issue of Complex.

July 30, 2008

Sam Flores SF Poster

Artist Sam Flores has done it yet again. He has designed a special treat for us all. Now you can have a perfect starry night on your wall with the San Fransisco skyline with the Flores character possessing a tiger mask and signature big hands. This poster is in a limited quantity of 100 which is signed and numbered by Sam Flores himself. The poster won't ship out till the week of August 18th, but you should check it out now.

The print retails for $100 and can be ordered on the Upper Playground SITE .

Novem Chicago Classics '08

This local artist has just released 9 limited-edition tees. All the shirts give respect to Chi-Town institutions such as Don Magic Juan and the Blues Bros. There is also a deep red tee with a totem-pole made of the city's loved sports mascots.

If you pre-order before August 9th, you get $9 off your cost. Go CHECK IT OUT


FavTape takes a step up from the all-known Playlists of sites such as Facebook and Myspace. This allows you to create a fully shareable playlist from all your bookmarked songs. You are also able to rewind, fast forward, and skip when you hit part of a song that just isn't up your alley. As of right now FavTape goes off of your Pandora/Last.Fm info.

You should go check it out HERE.

July 28, 2008

Inside Outside: Evolving Graffiti

Inside Outside is an interesting documentary that focusses on evolving graffiti. This DVD has been released and for the occasion, PingMag sat down with one of the movie's directors.

To check out it out go to PINGMAG

XLarge x Dez Einswell "Iron Ape"

A few months back a collaboration between XLarge and Dez Einswell produced the Ape vinyl toy. The artist has recently released the latest version of "Iron" Ape.

This toy, inspired by Iron Man, is limited to 50 pieces.

The New Aesop Rock Adidas Original from Upper Playground

This Thursday, July 31st, marks the release of the new Aesop Rock adidas Originals sneaker from Upper Playground. The Stan Smith shoe is the third release in the four-part series that also includes designs from fine artists Herbert Baglione, David Choe, and Sam Flores.

Aesop Rock is an American hip-hop artist from New York that is known for his storytelling style of rap. He has collaborated with established entities such as Nike and painter Jeremy Fish on various projects, and he is excited to introduce his first sneaker design with Upper Playground.

Aesop Rock explains the design concept behind his Stan Smith sneaker: “The faded green and gold colors have a strange eerie-meets-regal vibe that I liked when designing the art for last year's None Shall Pass album. I wanted to continue that color scheme, and keep it pretty simple. I didn’t want anything too intrusive. Basically I just wanted something that I’d rock, and my mother might even wear them.”

There are only 500 pairs available of this sneaker worldwide. Sizes range from men's size 4 to 13.5. To get your hands on the Aesop Rock adidas Originals sneaker, visit HERE or head to an Upper Playground retail store. The sneaker will go on sale online at 8 am PT on Thursday, July 31st.

Aesop Rock is currently touring throughout the U.S. to promote his critically acclaimed album None Shall Pass. Click HERE for tour dates and other information on Aesop Rock.

July 27, 2008

Original Fake "Kaws JJP" T-Shirts And Stickers

Kaws has released a new Original Fake tee and stickers that match the toy they released last week. The new JJP Kaws character comes in black and yellow colorways on both the tees and the stickers.

They are both available at Cruisin.

Fitted Hawaii x Estate LA "Hawaii" Cap

A great collaboration has occurred, yet again. Fitted Hawaii and Estate LA has created an indigo denim fitted cap.

This cap is a nice, clean design. It has "Hawaii" stitched on the front with white leaves stitched on the sides of the brim. " Other colours, like green and orange, are creatively placed in different locations on the cap.

This cap is limited to 100 pieces so get yours before it's too late. If you are in LA you can go to the Estate store to pick it up.

Smallville Panel at Comic-Con International

The fans attending the Comic-Con International in San Diego is in for a big treat. Today the Smallville panel is at the event. From this panel you can expect some updates on Smallville as well as some really cool interviews during and after the event.

From 10-11 am there will be some scheduled appearances such as Allison Mack (Chloe), Justin Hartley (Oliver), Cassidy Freeman (Tess), and Sam Witwer (Davis/Doomsday). There will also be some new cast members such as Kelly Souders, Brian Peterson, Todd Slavkin, and Darren Swimmer. Exclusive new clips will also be showing. How cool is that?

If you're at the Con, be sure to make it so you can meet the new cast as well as seeing your favorites.

Colette x Oakly Frogskin Glasses

Now available at Sold Out, are the Colette x Oakley Frogskin sunglasses. An interesting addition to an outfit.

New Kidrobot Bags

As summer comes to an end, the back-to-school fever begins. One of the most important accessories a student can have is their backpack, which in many schools is one of the only things students have control over. The new Kidrobot bags are a great addition to your school look.

Check them out on their SITE and while you're there, browse through their F/W collection for some looks to complement the new bag.

July 26, 2008

Billionaire Boys Club Exlusive Release

This coming Wednesday, the 30th, BBC will be releasing an exclusive tee at their second NYC Flagship store. There will also be a sort of drawing along with this release. One customer who purchases the tee will also win two tickets to the Glow In The Dark concert at Madison Square Garden for the 5th or 6th of August. Go take your shot of being the lucky winner.

New Tees from Estevan Oriol

New tees from Estevan Oriol has hit. The photographer has a history of taking the true rough side of LA to his designs. He brings LA like it really is instead of the version seen on the screen.

Go check out his SITE

July 25, 2008

Ransom New Era Caps Release

Ransom's latest release includes three new New Era caps. This Canadian brand has stayed with their subtle and solid looks. However, this time the caps have 3D logos embroidered on the fronts.

Threadless Releases For This Week

This week's Threadless releases are cool and some are a tad disturbing, which makes the designs even more intriguing. Here are two of the tees and you can check the rest out on their site.

Crooks & Billabong Boardshort

There is still a nice bit of summer left, so why not rep some Crooks & Castles during your trip to the beach? Their Crooks & Billabong Boardshort bring a cool floral pattern that the men can wear without getting some strange looks. Go to the Crooks & Castles site and check that out as well as the shorts.

Art Chemist

We came across some of Art Chemist's designs. Typically they do specialty orders, but they also do limited edition tees for the fans. They have done specialty tees such as the "Pharell/Doom" tee, which luckily he was rocking when he actually met Pharell. These designs are interesting and unique. A must see.

Go check out their SITE or visit their SHIRT SHOP

July 24, 2008

Marmalade Ho

Marmalade Ho brings a fresh new take on Hello Kitty. Out of design school, she had originally thought of going a more "bye bye kitty" direction until another also had the same thoughts. From there, she took this take on the most popular Hello Kitty. She, as many many others, adore Hello Kitty (that cute little kitty that seems to be everywhere nowadays), however seeing this cat everywhere prompted her with an idea to twist it somehow. Her designs are really interesting and many are somewhat amusing.

You can go check them out and get them at her SITE

July 23, 2008

Nike Air Questo "Red Edition" | Clean Look

We present you a clean look at the Nike Air Force 1 1World, aka Air Questo, by Questlove. This colorway is really hot. This shoe is to be released on August 1st in NYC, August 5th in Philly, and August 6th in Hollywood.

Alife Rivington Club
158 Rivington St
New York, NY 10002

UBIQ Walnut Street
1509 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

1615 Vine St.
Hollywood, CA 90028

Red Guard Mimbots Drop TODAY

The long awaited Red Guard mimbot is dropping today. Mimoco, based in Boston, is introducing this super-limited edition 8 GB art toy-themed USB drive.

Go get it HERE and check out all the other bots.

New Freitag Messenger Bag

The Freitag brothers have done it again. Their latest creation, Joe, is oozing with their trademarks such as bike tire inner tubes/car seat belts/truck tarpaulin exterior, however, it luxes it up with padded shoulder straps, a 13" black fabric lined interior with a padded compartment, and exterior pockets for ipods/cellphones.

Check it all out HERE

July 22, 2008

I Hate Perfume

IHP ( I Hate Perfume) is a 30-strong line of unique, handcrafted, and alcohol-free scents created by Christopher Brosius. Brosius is a former Kiehl's perfumist and taxi driver who decided to set out to find a better alternative to the overpowering colognes and perfumes of his passengers. His idea was to use "molecular odor analysis" along with his "natural nose" to recreate, blend, and bottle any smell. The names of a scent finally now smells like what it's called. Who would had known that "Burning Leaves" could actually smell like burning leaves? Technology is amazing nowadays. So much attention to detail and care for product acceptance is put into these fragrances. So say goodbye to the over-spraying and spritzing and say hello to tollerable, yet intriguing scents.

Check them all out HERE


The DC service is really cool. It uses text messaging to deliver whichever contact details you wish directly into people's email. This eliminates the worry of your business card getting lost or the such. To set it up just simply plug in your email, phone numbers, address, social network profile names, website, and your instant messenger name. Once you meet someone deserving the goods, type "drop" and their email into the body of the a text message you send to DC's number, and your profile info will instantly make it's way over to their inbox with the subject line "[Your Name Here]'s DropCard".

You can also use this service for non-business purposes by creating a separate profile with personal info, just remember to insert a "p" at the end of your text to send that one in place of your work details.

Setup your profile HERE


An interesting new development is a crowed-sourced travel site called TripWolf. It combines helpful Q&A's, a large editability choice, and has social networking capabilities. It's quite easy to use Wolf. You set up an account, then search for a destination (somewhat similar to mapquest) by using exact destinations or keywords like parks or restaurants. You can also customise your search by printing a custom travel guide or publishing journal entries and soon you'll be able to create step-by-step itineraries. Another cool thing about Wolf is that every destination is repped by a primary (or "guru") who knows the area that you are searching so you can ping them with questions.

Check it out HERE

July 21, 2008

Visvim x Mastermind Japan A/W 2008 | Foley Folk Mid

highsnobiety - Visvim x Mastermind Japan A/W 2008 | Foley Folk Mid

Visvim introduced their Foley Folk tennis shoe this Spring/Summer 2008 season. As part of the Mastermind Japan Autumn/Winter 2008 collection, they created a mid version of the shoe. Furthermore Mastermind Japan added their logo to the vegetable leather arch on the shoe and added the obligatory zipper to it, a detail that we have seen on all Visvim collaborations in the past years.

Source: Highsnorbiety

Visvim x Mastermind Japan A/W 2008 | Kiefer Hi

After the release of the Mastermind Japan x Visvim Foley Folk Mid, here is the second in the Visvim collaboration which is part of the Mastermind Japan Autumn/Winter 2008 collection. This is the Kiefer Hi.

This model comes in a white and black colorway with the Mastermind Japan skull logo and the famous zipper.

Panasonic DMC-LX3

These days digital cameras are almost as common as cars. Everybody always seems to have one around and that is most of the time a good thing.

Quality digital cameras with a bit of a retro look, lots of options, but when needed the camera can do it all by itself is something we all want. In that category are most notably the Panasonic Lumix range, Ricoh, Canon G-Series and a couple of others. We want it compact, but full of options and all these cameras offer that.

Now Panasonic just released their new DMC-LX3K. From the look we definitely like it, especially the added grip that the LX2 did not have. The Leica technology also does not disappoint and the camera comes with the a 24mm wide-angle - perfect. Off of the sheet it all sounds good. We have not tested it, but it is worth checking out, if you are looking for a new digital camera.

New Balance MT580 Luggage Collection

The new New Balance MT580 Luggage Collection has been released. It consists of 3 colorways of the MT580, all coming with premium materials and nice color-ups. Inspired by the classic travel luggage brands, New Balance once again takes their inspiration from something different than most other sneaker companies.

The collection has hit at Atmos, but will also make it overseas to the US and Europe, which are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the New Balance 580 model.

Upper Playground Volume II Adidas Originals Sneaker Line: David Choe

On July 24th, Upper Playground will be releasing the new David Choe Adidas Originals sneaker. The second release of the four part series is the Stan Smith shoe. The series also includes designs from Aesop Rock and Same Flores.

Muralist and graphic artist, native Los Angeles David Choe, has designed and produced apparel, comic books, movie posters, album covers, fine art books and toys, among many other projects. Choe has collaborated with companies such as Electronic Arts, Levi's, Sony Pictures, and now Adidas.

"I wanted to convey a mixture of serial killers, ninjas, nightmares, and Ice-T lyrics," commented David Choe about his new sneaker.

He is currently the star of a feature documentary on his life called "Dirty Hands." The film documents Choe as a young near-schizophrenic street artist that devises numerous criminal schemes that allow him to hitchhike across the globe. You can find more details of the film HERE

There are only 500 pairs of the Choe sneakers available worldwide ranging in sizes from men's size 4 to 13.5. To pick up your fresh pair of David Choe Stan Smith sneakers, visit the Upper Playground site HERE or head over to a UP retail store. The sneaker will go on sale online at 8 am PT on the 24th.

For more information on David Choe visit his site HERE

July 20, 2008

A.P.C. Shopping Bags

New from A.P.C is a series of shopping bags. When you purchase something from A.P.C stores, this summer you will receive on the the shopping bags as a gift.

John Mayer x Kaws | Guitar Picks And VIP Tickets

An interesting design combo is John Mayer (musician) and Kaws (NYC Artist). They got together on several small projects including the guitar picks which Kaws designed for Mayer. The designs are really cool because they carry the signature of KAWS as well as both of the artists together.

Kaws also designed the VIP tickets for the world tour of John Mayer.

Nike Sportswear Flagship Store NYC

The newest addition to the Nike Sportswear collection is a serious step. August 8th, the day of the Beijing Olympics Opening, will also be the opening of the Nikes Sportswear flagship store in NYC. This will be stand-along Nike Sportswear store that is going to be a permanent store in Soho. However, there will also be a series of pop-up stores such as the ones at Opening Ceremy LA and NY.

Nike Sportswear Flagship Store NYC
21, Mercer Street
New York, NY 10013

July 19, 2008

Kicks/Hi Summer 2008 | Limited Edition T-Shirts

Kicks Hawaii has released some limited edition t-shirts as part of their Summer 2008 collection. The drop includes two photo print t-shirts and a logo t-shirt in three colorways.

Source: Highsnobriety

XLarge x Beautiful Losers T-Shirts

XLarge Japan has created some Beautiful Losers t-shirts in celebration the the Movie release to the exhibition in Japan. The colorways for men are black and white (above). They have also created some womens pieces (below) for the occasion as well.

The tees are hitting July 26th.

New Huf SF Summer 2008 Caps

Huf presents a series of new caps as part of their Summer 2008 collection. This drop consists of new New Era caps, which come in red, white, black and blue with matching tonal logo tags on the front panels. Also they present new snap-back caps and plaid trucker caps, each also coming in several colorways.

Huf will be releasing these caps this coming Saturday, July 19th, at their 812 Sutter Street store.

Source: highsnobriety